What is Waterway

What is Waterway

Flash to the past

Waterways were one of the first forms of transportation. The first kinds of water transport were a type of canoes cut out from tree trunks. Earlier boats and ships relied on wind and being rowed to move forward for long periods of time. Like road transport, water transport has been around for thousands of years.

Waterway traveling was at its highest popularity during 1900’s, one of the most famous ships was the Titanic. Traveling by water was reserved for those who could afford a ticket or worked for their seat. The wealthy often traveled by water because of how glamorous and relaxing the ships were.

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Into the current

Today, waterways are important for an increasing range of commercial and recreational activities. Waterways and foreshores are used for many recreational activities including crabbing, prawning, swimming, skiing and many more. Today waterway shipping is less expensive and accommodates bulk cargoes such as coal, ores, grain, and lumber.

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What is waterway you ask?

You came to the right place for an answer. Any body of water that’s used for traveling or transporting goods is a form of waterway transportation.

Why waterway is important?

Water is an unlimited source. No matter what happens in the future, the same amount of water will still be on the earth. Traveling by water will always be around, even when other resources are no longer available. Waterways were essential during the exploration of the Americas and other unknown lands, and they will continue to help make things possible.










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