World of Water

As we know, water makes 70% of the world. 97% of that water is salt water, which is seas and oceans. 2% of the world’s water is glacier, which is fresh water ice, as it’s in the arctic areas. The last 1% is fresh water that we use.

Streams and rivers are flowing bodies of water, while rivers are larger and wider. Water sitting still in a hole-like structure with a border of some sort is a lake or pond. A reservoir is where you collect water or anything liquid. Ice Mass is when there is a field of ice, seen in colder places like arctic areas. The sea and ocean is salt water which makes up a big part of the worlds water. Levee is rock or stone structure on the side of a river, to keep the river water to stay in the river.

A well known river here, is the Missouri River. The Missouri River provides draining use for 1/6 of the United States. The Missouri River gives people water, power and food.

image courtesy ofoceans news explorers
image courtesy of oceans news explorers

There are also a few different types of drinking water. You have tap, filter, bottle, table, spring and natural mineral water. It just depends if you want your water from clean bodies of water or added chemicals. Its a personal preference.


Famous waterways;

Canals in Venice, Italy. These waterways are well known between tourist and love seekers. The romanic passage is iconic to love stories and is a great place to take a loved one.

Felucca on The River Nile, Egypt. The felucca is one of the longest rivers. Those who travel by this river are in boats of six to eight. Traveling by this river usually means spending a night on it, so be prepared and bring a sleeping bag.

River of Volga, Russia. This river is a prime destination for cruises. One cruise goes through St. Petersburg and Moscow. Its a great way to enjoy a vacation and go sight seeing.




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