Ttmasa Experience

I say I had a great time at ttmasa myself. There were a lot of things that I did that I didn’t do or went before. We did experiments, field-trips, made a website. It maybe a lot of work, but it made me busy and motivated during the summer.

We went all around the city and out further. I felt that teamwork was all great and it made the things we did all fun, because we made it intense and competitive. Even though we did a lot of math and english, the science and field trips, i would say was my favorite parts of the whole experience.

I had no idea some of these places didn’t exist, until we had a field trip to those places. I never been on a train before and wanted to, and I didn’t expect that to happen, but it did. It was all great and fun for me to do all these different things that I had never done before. Thank You Ttmasa and everyone part of it, for having a really fun start of the summer.

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