Pony Express

The last field trip on the ttmasa program was the Pony Express Museum. It was a way how people who had lived in the olden days of the west. They had a really nice walk trough of the place.

It had a nice story behind it and I didn’t know it was like this, a trail for horses and their riders. I liked the atmosphere of the building, and the mannequins of horses and people. It was also great for anyone for any age. It was great, we got to pump some water out of a well and a nice replica of a cabin house and wagon, back in the mid 1800’s.

After the tour, we had a few minutes to do what ever we wanted to do, so a few of us played in the kiddie area. There was a coloring, dress up and horse rocking. I had a great time, there at the Pony Express.

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