Experience at TTMASA

My experience at TTMaSA was great, I met a group of nice people that I got the opportunity to work with for this past month. Although, at first we didn’t talk, but now we’re helping each other on this website we created for you. It was fun going on field trips and visiting all these places I’ve never been before, and seeing how transportation over the year has improved.

I also learned that math is way harder in college and I’m glad I got to learn a little bit of it. The experiments were very competitive and that helped our group come together and help each other work together. It was what really broke the ice between us.

Overall, I’m glad that I got to experience this summer with education and continue to learn throughout the summer and I’m glad I had this opportunity to learn about math/science and transportation. I want to thank everyone who helped in this program. THANK YOU TTMASA!

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