Benefits and Safety

Some benefits of water transportation is that it can travel goods a long distance, carry a large amount of supplies, very inexpensive, and a very flexible service. It’s one of the oldest methods used that is still being used today, in a way that unites the countries together.

They’re many ways of transportation by waterway for example through:

  • Rivers
  • Lakes
  • Canals
  • Ocean/Sea
image courtesy of wikipedia
image courtesy of wikipedia

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image courtesy of pixabay


There are many saftey producres people should know before going to the water.

There is four big main areas we should look at for water safety and the American Red Cross will help me explain.

Water Safety number 1: Make Water Safety Your Priority

  1. Never leave a child unatteded if they are near water.
  2. If going boating or going in the water make sure of wearing a Life Jacket.
  3. Ensure that the family members know how to swim.

Water Safety number 2: Prevent Unsupervised Access to the Water

  1. If a pool or hot tub is at home. Inculde safety barriers and steps for no accidents.
  2. If a barrier is near pool, make sure the barrier is at least 4ft high.
  3. If any pool toys are naer, remove them so no kids may not run and fall in.

Water Safety number 3: Maintain Constant Supervision

  1. Make sure you watch your child too at the pool. Even if a life guards are their, their is a responbility for your child.
  2. Teach anyone about where the supervision is at. So a child or adult may know where help is at.
  3. Always stay in arms reach of young children and avoid districations at the pool.

Water Safety number 4:  Know What to Do in an Emergency

  1. If a child is gone, first check the water. If not there, check with any security.
  2. If still nothing call emergency hotline 911.
  3. If there is a home pool or hotube, please provide safety for the family and friends.

Here is a video where safety is important.


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